June 13th, 2004

msauvage purple

Corrections: Harry Potter

All right. For some reason it's been my policy not to go back and make additions or corrections to the Fifteen Minutes because... I dunno, I guess I'm lazy. They'll probably be revised someday anyway, and then I'll get to point out that not only are there are two full moons in one week in Van Helsing, but a gypsy princess who lives in a manor rather than... do whatever nomadic thing it is that... gypsies do.

However, I am making an exception for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which has now been corrected/amended:

1. Thank you, all fifty of you, for pointing out that it was Harry who got hit by the pebble, not Ron. Normally I don't care if small details are wrong, because it's a quick summary/parody, but if you fix that, there's an opportunity for a new line in the second go-round. So go back and check that out.

2. "Let me chain you." I left that wide open because I thought the porno joke was getting played (and some people have told me it already was by that point). It's not the greatest line in the world now, but there's at least something for the H/Hr people now.

3. I forgot about the origami crane. Look, I'm not a big Draco fan, much less a D/H fan, but it was a big thing, and I forgot to do anything about it. That's fixed now.

4. No, they're not going to get to play Quidditch in Goblet of Fire. Ron's bit about hearing they would get to is ambiguous, so I added something to make the irony more clear.

So. That ought to fix all the complaints and corrections. I hope.