December 13th, 2004

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I'm working away on the book for the final manuscript turn-in date (Jan. 3), but something has come up that I'd like to ask y'all to help me with. Last week, invidereliana posted about her frustration with fundraising--politicians won't help, feel-good TV shows won't help, and the family doesn't have enough money to deal with her mother's illness but still has too much to qualify for most government programs:

I posted to my LJ about real emergencies like my Mum has a very rare cancer, her medical bills have bankrupted us and are still mounting (over $200,000) and to top it off my Dad may be out of work in a week or two due to outsourcing for the second time in four years. Then my Mum will have no insurance and no medical care to be sure she survives this cancer.

She loves to write but is stranded in bed due to chronic pain. She wanted a laptop for Christmas last year, but because her medical care is so high, after 5 surgeries in one year (insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, things insurance doesn't cover like 8 trips to Mayo Clinic this past year, hotels, gas, etc) we can't afford one. Not this year either! [...] I'm happy that people are kind and caring enough to help others but what about people like my Mum?

I've been to the family's fundraising site,, and their need is both pretty dire and amply documented. This is the real thing.

So I'm basically putting out a call for anyone who wants to help out to chip in a dollar. I mean, clearly you can give more, but before you scroll on down to the next entry on your friends list, ask yourself--a dollar's easy, right?

Already people have been so incredibly generous, both with financial donations and Christmas gifts for the family. On the other hand, this family's need is so dire that I'd like to see if we can't help them more. I'm trying to log all donations related to LiveJournal or JournalFen just to tally up what people have given, so y'all can see how much good you've done. What I've said on my own journal is, we've already raised $2217.65. If we can bring that up to $5000, I'll post a new "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" here, despite the fact that those are on hold until I finish the book. It's not the most thrilling prize ever, but it's something that's in my power to do. Also, because it's straight parody and not fanfic, I don't think we'll have any legal problems. The choices I'm suggesting are Lemony Snicket and Phantom of the Opera, because I know I'm going to see those movies, and I think either one would do well. So:

How much did you donate to

This poll is private; only I can see the answers, and I promise you, I'm not keeping track of who gave what, nor do I care. I just want a dollar amount ("1.00") so I can log it into the spreadsheet. If you don't have a LiveJournal, please leave me a comment below with the amount so I can factor it in. If you can't afford or don't want to give, that is perfectly all right (I was stone cold broke last year and wouldn't have been able to do anything either). Information on how to donate via PayPal, Amazon, check or money order, or by shopping Amazon US/UK through is available here.

If we raise enough money, which "Fifteen Minutes" would you rather see?

Lemony Snicket
Phantom of the Opera

If worst comes to worst, finishing the book will take precedence, but that still leaves me open to posting a new M15M as early as January 4. I'm just saying. Thanks in advance for anything y'all can do to help.

P.S. Even if you can't donate anything, mentioning this post on your journal is also a great help. Thanks again. : )

ETA (12/13/04 3 pm): As of right now, we're at $3028.30. Thanks so much to everyone!