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A few things

<< From yesterday: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in Fifteen Minutes.

>> Up now: The new Made of Fail podcast I'm on, Episode Nineteen: We Put On Our Robes And Wizard Hats (with an awesome, HP-themed special opening), wherein we discuss the movie itself. Sadly, of the two girls, I'm the one 1) with the Southern accent 2) and the weird laugh 3) who you can't hear too well, because my mic is weaksauce. So I talk plenty, but my volume level itself is a bit soft. But, to orient you, here's two short clips where it's clearly me talking:

1) The wizard duel at my theater on opening night

2) "Ginny Weasley got some moves!"

Also, hang in there for an Alan Rickman-induced gigglefit that seizes Jillian and me around 1h:19m and, shortly after that, a segment on wizard rock.

(This episode was recorded last week, but as it turns out, around 11m:30s, you get an explanation of a scene heading and a line that ended up in the 15M.)

>> In the 15M itself, I have now changed "wireless" to "radio," since people were having such a hard time figuring out what was going on there.

>> I feel bad that it's taken me this long to get another 15M up--I swear, I'm not abandoning it. I actually have half-drafts for Watchmen and Star Trek and just could not make either one happen (I think "Twilight in Fifteen Minutes" may have broken me). I've been having some health problems the last few months, it's been hard to write this kind of thing (where it's either funny or it's not, and you sweat bullets over it), so on and so forth.

>> In a similar vein, I want to do icons, but I don't know how quickly I can get on that. Please feel free to do your own if you want, and I'll link to them.

>> And finally: I'm on Twitter. Warning: I am really on Twitter, like, a lot (a lot of links and RTing), so be prepared. This weekend with everyone posting about San Diego Comic-Con has been particularly busy, but I'm not usually that bad. Mostly.

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