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Win a signed Movies in Fifteen Minutes book at Helping Haiti Heal - Movies in Fifteen Minutes — LiveJournal
This is, after all, what happens when you cross the streams.
Win a signed Movies in Fifteen Minutes book at Helping Haiti Heal
So this is short notice, but it all came together very quickly--from 2-6 pm EST (that's about an hour from now), the HP Alliance is doing a livecast webstream show (a podathon, if you will) to benefit Partners in Health, and if you donate, you'll be eligible to win various prizes. It's relevant here because I've pledged a signed Movies in Fifteen Minutes paperback (I'm all out of hardcovers), so if you want to try to get one of those, make sure you check that out.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, however, we also got signed books from Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett (and he'll sign those to you), Peter David, Diane Duane, Lilith Saintcrow, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Lev Grossman, and JK Rowling. A full set of Harry Potter books, signed by JK Rowling. There's also tons of multi-fandom prizes (listed here); I saw stuff from or relating to True Blood, The Guild, wizard rock, AND SO MUCH MORE. And also: a lightsaber. Seriously, it's a ton of awesome stuff. (I kind of covet Alivan's Elder Wand replica, myself, but I'm not eligible, I don't think.) Go! Go forth and donate for awesome stuff!


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dhaunea From: dhaunea Date: January 23rd, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
If I actually used Paypal, I might make a donation to this effort. I've made a few donations at various places, but my Paypal account requires a transfer of funds that takes several days (as I don't have a credit card hooked to it) and... yeah.

Paypal is not a service I use, given any other choice, and it doesn't look as though they have any other way of accepting funds. This makes me sad.

Edit: I weaseled over and made a payment to the charity directly. I miss the feeling of supporting and being a part of fandom in this, but I feel better!

Edited at 2010-01-23 07:02 pm (UTC)
cleolinda From: cleolinda Date: January 23rd, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aw, that's great. I mean, really, that's the important thing, and I'd still call it being part of fandom; you just ended up giving it (on this occasion) directly instead of through them.
dhaunea From: dhaunea Date: January 23rd, 2010 07:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
I just don't use Paypal because I need that three day window for a funds transfer to keep me from the occasioanl crazy impulse spending on, say, Ebay or Etsy. I have totally poor impulse control sometimes, and I need that buffer.

But yeah. My grandmother supports a number of the charities already in Haiti, so I've been wandering around looking for some of the ones already on the ground there that she doesn't give to in order to do something too.

And thanks for the encouragement. I've been waving this link in front of most of my friends for half the morning. *heh*
lysscat From: lysscat Date: January 23rd, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you so much for posting this! I made a donation and posted about it to my journal. I have a LOT of nerd friends. :x)
taiirei From: taiirei Date: January 23rd, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Doesn't really say if you have to be in the US to win a prize?
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