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Win a signed Movies in Fifteen Minutes book at Helping Haiti Heal

So this is short notice, but it all came together very quickly--from 2-6 pm EST (that's about an hour from now), the HP Alliance is doing a livecast webstream show (a podathon, if you will) to benefit Partners in Health, and if you donate, you'll be eligible to win various prizes. It's relevant here because I've pledged a signed Movies in Fifteen Minutes paperback (I'm all out of hardcovers), so if you want to try to get one of those, make sure you check that out.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, however, we also got signed books from Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett (and he'll sign those to you), Peter David, Diane Duane, Lilith Saintcrow, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Lev Grossman, and JK Rowling. A full set of Harry Potter books, signed by JK Rowling. There's also tons of multi-fandom prizes (listed here); I saw stuff from or relating to True Blood, The Guild, wizard rock, AND SO MUCH MORE. And also: a lightsaber. Seriously, it's a ton of awesome stuff. (I kind of covet Alivan's Elder Wand replica, myself, but I'm not eligible, I don't think.) Go! Go forth and donate for awesome stuff!

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