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Eclipse in Fifteen Minutes - Eclipse in Fifteen Minutes - Movies in Fifteen Minutes Page 13 — LiveJournal
This is, after all, what happens when you cross the streams.
Eclipse in Fifteen Minutes
Previously on ~*The Twilight Saga*~:

Twilight in Fifteen Minutes
New Moon in Fifteen Minutes
Recap: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
Many other recaps

So... I got a little loopy on this one. Enjoy.


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lunacow From: lunacow Date: July 16th, 2010 06:50 am (UTC) (Link)
... so I can choose fire
or I can choose ice;
If you don't get that metaphor
I can reread it twice.

I may never get any farther than this line because I can't stop rereading it and giggling.

(First time commenter, long time fan of your brilliance!)
velvetwhip From: velvetwhip Date: July 17th, 2010 12:03 am (UTC) (Link)
This is officially the truest thing ever written about Twilight.

liasonrocks From: liasonrocks Date: July 17th, 2010 12:38 am (UTC) (Link)
YOU WIN AT LIFE. *high five*

Freaking EPIC!!!!
lita_cena425 From: lita_cena425 Date: July 17th, 2010 12:45 am (UTC) (Link)

Too hilarious and I should have paid YOU the fee instead of going to go see this clusterfuck. SMH.
stormarrow From: stormarrow Date: July 17th, 2010 01:00 am (UTC) (Link)
LMAO. I don't think I will ever get over the cheeseburger of pain being actually written in a book as a serious thing.
southrnbygrace From: southrnbygrace Date: July 17th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC) (Link)
OMG, so funny!!! I loved it!
k_ra23 From: k_ra23 Date: July 17th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Icon. Win.
lezah_hctiw From: lezah_hctiw Date: July 17th, 2010 05:22 am (UTC) (Link)

From: clgaillard13 Date: July 18th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC) (Link)

Source of Epic Lulz!

Thank you so much for posting this. My 2 toddlers think mommy's off her rocker, but whatever. This was hilariously WIN! :D
trinastar From: trinastar Date: July 18th, 2010 03:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I have to agree with the reviews saying that this was better then New Moon. and that scene where they are chasing after Victoria... before the were-harshing, I can't believe how blue and moody it was. Damn. The recast Victoria was wow... although I didn't know that when you break them apart they are really just cement people who are highly flamable. Yes I went to see it and I think I'll want to go see it again or get it on Dvd. Probably both if not just the DVD. :) Thank you Cleo.
From: sozsoz Date: July 19th, 2010 06:56 am (UTC) (Link)


Just wanted to say that was so funny - I had to laugh I loud A LOT - maybe I shouldn't have read this in the office - my colleauges must kept looking at me funny... AWESOME - I'll go read the other two now...
reneeks From: reneeks Date: July 19th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nice. Not as funny as the first two, but funny enough.
ginmar From: ginmar Date: July 20th, 2010 11:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Wait. That's not what their makeup actually looks like, is it? You're shittin' me.
melydia From: melydia Date: July 21st, 2010 12:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
So I finally saw Eclipse last night. I read this before seeing it (which made me think of Marlon Brando every single time Jacob was on the screen - but that was pretty awesome), and IMHO, it's way funnier after seeing the film. So many things I didn't catch the first time through. Thanks for the laughs.
7tree_hugger From: 7tree_hugger Date: July 28th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was funny before I went to see the film. But it was even more funny after. Awesome. Genius. Brilliant!

Also new TV show: Charlie the most effective Cop in Forks with this vampire assistants Alice and Jasper. Together they fight crime!

I'd watch it.
noyoki_sato From: noyoki_sato Date: August 22nd, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC) (Link)

That is my new favorite phrase. Forever.
312 comments or Leave a comment
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