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The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes - Movies in Fifteen Minutes
This is, after all, what happens when you cross the streams.
The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes
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From: jjloa Date: July 4th, 2012 12:47 am (UTC) (Link)
I have a friend who, having heard the legolas comment, had to go with it, bring out her photoshop and create this:


It makes me giggle. every. time.

(also, cannot get girl from ipanema out of my head. please send help)
cleolinda From: cleolinda Date: July 4th, 2012 06:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh God cannot unsee
From: jjloa Date: July 5th, 2012 12:07 am (UTC) (Link)
I know, right?

She said that the jawlines were so similar that it was actually scarily easy to do.

I don't know if that makes it better or worse.
367 comments or Leave a comment