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Just a post to let y'all know that I'm still alive, since I haven't posted in about four months now. Mostly because there wasn't much to say--I've basically been buried under classwork and book-writing. After my publisher assured me that the October 1 deadline was more of a whateverline, I've decided to take until New Year's to write the book--and it's still going to be tight as it is.

ARAGORN: You have my scruff.

LEGOLAS: And my pretty!

GIMLI: And my ill-advised one-liners!

SAM: And my slavish loyalty!

MERRY: OI! And our well-meaning ineptitude!

PIPPIN: Merry, what’s “ineptitude”?

MERRY: Something you have a lot of, Pip.

PIPPIN: *beams*

BOROMIR [sighing]: Gondor will see your idiocy done.

ELROND: Well, I was hoping we’d round up a fellowship of crack warriors to protect the Ringbearer worth half a damn, but as long as you all get out of my house, you know, whatever.

In the meantime, I've been doing informal Lost and Veronica Mars recaps (intended to be funny) at my personal journal, as well as trying to finish Black Ribbon (not so much with the intentional funny), if you're looking for something else to read.

ETA: I should add, because I get asked this a lot, that I have no idea where the book will be available. All I know is that Orion, a British publisher, has the worldwide/non-American rights, and there are no arrangements for American distribution yet. Clarification: What I mean by "no arrangements" is that we haven't sold the American (North American? Just American? I can't remember) yet. There will be arrangements.
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