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Movies in Fifteen Minutes

This is, after all, what happens when you cross the streams.

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"Movies in Fifteen Minutes" is a series of movie parodies written by one person (me, cleolinda), and I've moved it to a community because I ran out of space to friend people on my personal journal.

The book Movies in Fifteen Minutes was published by Orion Books in October 2005, and I'm currently (quietly) working on a second. If you'd like to hear about the process of writing the book(s), go to cleolinda.

See the FAQ for answers to questions that are frequently of the asking, such as "Who? What? Why?"; "What are you going to post on this community?"; "Can I join this community?" "Can I friend cleolinda, for all my random-chick thesis-angsting needs?"; "Can I link to your journal or send things to my friends?"; "Are you reading all these comments?"; "Why are you making fun of these movies? Did you hate them that much?"; and the ever-popular "Can I take icons you made?"

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